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  • Pappaw and Mammaw. Drawing made into prints for family Christmas present. 
    Graphite on watercolor paper. 
  • Pappaw and Mammaw (detail)
  • Pappaw and Mammaw (detail)
  • Nicolas Cage. Yeah. Done as a "welcome home" present for my husband after a freelance trip.
    Watching Nicolas Cage movies have been a fun date night activity for us since we started dating.
    Graphite pencil, graphite dust, and carbon dust on watercolor paper.
    This was my first try using dust + brush technique - similar to medical illustration - to achieve a softer look.
    It looks a little off to me, but my husband was impressed and happy - it's the thought that counts, right? 
  • Portrait of Bob is a commissioned portrait for a friend of her father. It was reproduced and given to all the siblings as a birthday present.
    Graphite on bristol.