• Portraits
    From on going series of portraits called Lifes
  • These portraits have been made with the wet-plate collodion process, which is one of the early photographic processes from the mid-19th century. The pictures have been taken with an old wooden large-format studio camera. The method entails coating a glass or metal plate with collodion and exposing the plate while still wet.

    On the plates time comes to a halt. Past and present intertwine inseparably into one - images turn out timeless. The plates created are unique, one-of-a-kind. The blur caused by motion and the short depth of field make the images dreamlike and delicate.

    The wet-plate collodion process may also bring about a strange metamorphosis; people look different from their everyday appearance, like characters from a previous life or a parallel  time sequence.

    I search for the humane in humans and for the stranger in us.