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Professional portfolio comprised of personal and business-related marketing materials.

Goose Island, 312 Urban Wheat Ale Ad

(Non-commissioned) Beer Advertising Poster, 2011

Photo composition of Goose Island’s 312 beer poured into a beer glass.
Personal stock photography created for Photography Lighting coursework.

Text created and enveloped in Adobe Illustrator.
Frost effect and letter overlay created in Photoshop.
Ad design created in InDesign.

Cool Hand Luke Poster

Three-color Rebus, 2011

Illustration/text composition summarizing Cool Hand Luke film.
Stock and personal illustrations created and color edited in Adobe Illustrator.
Text created in Adobe InDesign.

Gro Seed Catalog

Retail Catalog, 2011

Photo composition of a Gerbera daisy taken in the artist’s mother’s garden.
Personal stock photography created for Digital Photography coursework.
Cropping and color adjustment done in Photoshop.
Magazine cover design created in InDesign.

Logo Contest Submission, 2010

Illustration hand-drawn and then transferred to Adobe Illustrator for further editing.
Logo features an artist with an overflowing basket of farm-fresh goods.

Habitat for Humanity Newsletter

Organization Newsletter, 2010

Design and layout created in Adobe InDesign.
Color palette and easy layout persuades the viewer to keep on reading.

Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever Newsletter
Organization Newsletter, 2010

Illustrations done in Adobe Illustrator and layout created in InDesign.
Color scheme combines holiday theme with WAAGR brand color palette.

Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever Flier

Marketing flier, 2010

Stock illustration and photography used to complement layout created in InDesign.
Choice of yellow as a holiday color was done to draw more attention.


Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever Flier
Marketing flier, 2011

Photography and stock illustrations used to complement layout created in InDesign.
Font choice reveals that WAAGR is a friendly, dog-loving organization.

Purple Rain Lyric Poster
Typography Poster, 2011
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Need a Jump Infographic

Infographic, 2011

Stock photography, smart layout, and easy-to-read text help to clarify a difficult process.
Color palette makes the technical layout reader-friendly.

Artistic inspiration derived from one too many cold Wisconsin winters on an old car battery.

Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever Holiday House Flier
Marketing flier, 2011

Layout and typography created in InDesign.
Font choice is complex; it gives both a feeling of nostalgia, while looking modern at the same time.

Master Singers of Milwaukee In Remembrance Flier
Marketing flier, 2011

Stock photography used to uplift spirits, pay tribute, and promote the event.
Design and layout created specifically to promote positivity and a sense of overcoming.