• The Porsche "Lengend" spec spot was created as an experiment in remotecollaboration between Monovich (Stephen Fitzgerald) and The Brigade.Located at opposite ends of the United States (Washington and New Yorkstates), both parties were connected only by broadband lines and acommon interest in creating a spot with beautiful visuals with a strongmessage that was faithful to the Porsche brand. None of the artistsinvolved at any level ever met face to face. When we needed anadditional skillset to round out the piece, we pulled out our addressbooks or web browsers and shot emails, IMs, or phone calls to Oregon,Connecticut, California, Hong Kong, and Poland. In the end theexperiment worked out very well, and we are happy with the result bothcreatively and technically. Although it is not absolutely "perfect", weare proud of what we achieved. With the next round of collaboration wewill take what we learned on this spot and push ourselves to a higherstandard yet.

    All of the shots were done with Lightwave 9, and Comped in After Effects CS3.


    Studios: Monovich and The Brigade

    Director: Stephen Fitzgerald
    Producer: Dave Dimeola
    Voiceover: Corey Carthew
    Music: Grant Harold, Botanist
    3d/Animation: Stephen Fitzgerald
    Compositing: Stephen Fitzgerald, Dave Dimeola
    3d Modeling: Stephen Fitzgerald, Tomasz Rozkosz, Alex Monteiro