• Safe on the inside fun on the outside

    The POPPY is a clothes iron that hides several innovative safety features beneath a playful exterior

    How it works: It functions exactly like a regular iron. However if the user gets distracted and walks off, a sensor will detect this and allow the iron to hinge back on itself raising the hot plate off the clothing. No more scorched clothing.
  • Once the iron detects that the user has let go of the handle it hinges back into the safe parked position.
  • Only while in this parked position will the Poppy’s second major safety feature come into play. While in this position a locking pin is temporarily unlocked allowing the chord to safely detach if pulled from below. This safety feature prevents young children from pulling a hot iron down onto themselves. While in use this locking pin slots back into position preventing the chord from detaching unnecessarily.
  • Detachable chord

  • Roll back concept. This solution had a really nice look to it, the rolling back action would be nice but it had a major draw back in that it could potentially roll off the ironing board. To avoid this I could use an LDR to detect if the iron was to close to the edge of ironing board but this would add unwanted complexity and the possibility of failure.
  • Early concept tripod. Three pins lift hot plate off the clothing when iron is left unattended. Simple solution but it lacks the wow factor of the iron hinging back.
  • Basic principle
  • Final concept. Had the advantages of the roll back concept with the safety of the tripod concept