Pop Up Book : Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal

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  • This project was done as long term assignment for West Art History Subject
     at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

    (A Pop Up book about A Pop Up Artist)

    Book ContentThe content is all about Andy Warhol, especially his Biography and Artworks, seperated in
    seven parts of Pop Up segment, which are :

    Who is Andy Warhol?, Early Life, Succes is a Job in New York (1950s)
    Factory Years (1960s), Silver Factory (1960s), Exposures (1970s), The Last Supper (1980s)

    This project is a group work by Ritter WIlly Putra / Nathania Ingrid Hendradi / Kezia Raharjo Gunawan / Patricia Cindy
    Navio Tantra / Amelia Permadi / Levina
  • Front Cover
  • First Page - Book Identity
  • Second Page - Contents Page
  • Third Page - Who is Andy Warhol?
  • Forth Page - Early Life
  • Fifth Page - Success is a Job in New York
  • Sixth Page - Factory Years
  • Seventh Page - Silver Factory
  • Eighth Page - Exposures
  • Ninth Page - The Last Supper
  • Tenth Page - Groups' Profile
  • Last Page - Bibliography & Warhol's Glass bonus
  • Back Cover
  • For more photos, visit this link