Polyester sculptures / Two

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    polyester sculptures
  • Polyester is a truly modern and artificial material. It has some unique and strong properties, it's sustainable and long lasting material. Polyester has a good reflection and great coloring capabilities. It's also interesting process of creating objects in polyester resin which is in liquid form and it hardens to become solid material.I’ve used polyester in combination with wire, hemp fiber, fiberglass and plaster for creating this work, which is part of series of works in this material. In these particular composition we see two bodies in running, and a cruical and  important part of sculpture is contact between them, in a single touch. Single touch like a spark of creation between them, creating realtion and a bond between these two "persons" . Solitary figures bound to each other by a touch, implicating on frindship in mutual struggle. Although they have colours which I primaly connect with destruction and dematerialisation, in this work all is bypassed by a two's unification and harmony. Size of sculpture is 90 x 35 x 30 centimeters and date of creation January 2012.