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Pollock robocleaner
Pollock robocleaner
Take time for inspiration!

Pollock is a piece of art together with a multifunctional robot. Use it to clean the floors,
do your laundry or wash the dishes.
Pollock works on a nanotech fluid, which circulates, changes colors and shapes, as well as cleans any surfaces. The fluid lasts for a year and spares you a great deal of water, you used to do the cleaning before.
The Robocleaner moves smoothly through your apartment, controlled by your favorite music or your voice. Different colors of fluid and changing panels make Pollock the best solution for all the interiors.
Surprise your guest with a cleaning device, which has no need to be hidden. Relax and take your time for inspiration.

he Robocleaner uses the ferromagnetic fluid, containing soap particles. The fluid is controlled by the changing of magnetic field. There are three easy steps, that make Pollock suitable for different purposes.

1 The fluid is poured out on the surface.

2 The soap molecules in the fluid attach themselves to the dirt molecules.

3 The fluid is returned to the filter system by the magnetic fields, is purified and ready to be reused.