• Polaroid Grey Label by Haus Of Gaga
    Client: Polaroid/William Morris Endeavor
  • Global Key Visual we've done together with William Morris Endeavor.

    Polaroid Grey Label is a collaboration between two of the most influential
    icons of our time, Polaroid and Lady Gaga. Key visual is a combination of
    CGI and retouch.

    Client: Polaroid/William Morris Endeavor
    Creative Director: Brad Klemmer

    Production Studio: Ars Thanea
    Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Art Director: Peter Jaworowski, Pawel Nolbert
    3D Artist: Pawel Wilkos, Piotr Kolus, Marcin Klicki
    Concept Artist: Michal Dziekan
    Retouch: Pawel Nolbert
    Production Manager: Marcin Molski
  • Packshot images courtesy of William Morris Endeavor
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