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  • 2013. Photoshop Cs5 + Wacom Intuos4.

    Done from scratch, no ref used except for the ivy leafs and her hands (mine! [:D] ).
    OC ©DC Comics

    I made this picture just for fun. Actually, in the beginning she was not supposed to be Poison Ivy (here you can see where I started from: [link]), but while I was painting and finding a good palette, turned out that way. By the way, I'm in LOVE with Poison Ivy, probably one of my favourite comic female character ever... [:heart:] and I was thinking about painting a fan art one day... and it came out practically in a random way. [:D]
    I think the whole picture is totally out of print gamut (all these bright green and red colors), but I just wanted to have fun and don't think too much about technical stuff...
    I hope you like it!