• Poempictures
    text visualization
  • Poempictures (Versképek) is the title of my text visualization project. I have used Processing to create a program which can create images out of text, a system which can create triangles for each letter based on their local value in the alphabet. Therefore every word can be illustrated by these triangles. Also the colours show the vowel quality of the word.
    I created 3 posters for 3 different 20th century Hungarian poems based on the above mentioned system.
    The explanation of the colours is part of the posters, although every poem has a different colour system.
  • close up (text is about the poem's title and writer, and the vowel quality types)
    Pilinszky János: Nagyvárosi ikonok / magas hangerdű szavak / vegyes hangerdű szavak / mély hangerndű szavak)
  • close up
  • close up from the logo of Poempictures (Versképek)
  • This short video shows how the program works.
    First you can see 4 different poems and the process of the images generated by the words in the poems.
    Then I show that by clicking on the words of a poem, you can also get images.
    Finally I show that by writing anything on the interface, the program generates an image out of that.