Ploughshares Fund "Soft" Card Design

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  • Ploughshares Fund Cards 2011 "Soft" Series
    Refreshing the look and bringing unity to the brand
  • Ploughshares Fund had not updated its greeting and condolence cards for over five years, in 2011. These cards were designed to address the more direct focus of Ploughshares Fund's mission - working toward the elimination of nuclear weapons - while still maintaining a softer feel for the target audience, which consists primarily of older, peace advocate donors and those who have donated in memory of a lost loved one.
  • The "Golden Crane" Card

    This card uses original imagery and content to create a piece that connects to Ploughshares Fund's mission while using a color pallet and design that fits with the overall brand.

    The top inside flap of the card features a brief summary of the story of Sadako Sasaki and the back of the card features Ploughshares Fund's mission and contact information.
  • I folded the paper crane using gold metallic origami paper and shot it in natural sunlight.
  • The card is designed for an A-6 envelope and was printed using offset print on a matte finished for elegance and easy write-ability.
  • The "Cherry Blossom" Card
  • Photo by Shane Lin.