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The National Theatre for Children (NTC) presented UW-Stout Interface Design class with a design problem. This is my design team's solution.
NTC travels around to schools in the country to teach global and social issues with the goal of not only educating, but entertaining and inspiring students and teachers. To enhance their educational merit, they set up a site called Playworks that collects feedback surveys, upon which they can correct mistakes and make their acts better. Subsequently, NTC wanted the site to interact and engage with students and teachers.
NTC request was to create a new web site that would allow users to fill out a feedback form, as well as further engage users within the site. My group and I conducted extensive research including but not limited to exploring competitors, target audiences, cognitive walk through, and user experiences.
Our design team built a strongly illustrative friendly website that allows family, children, and teachers to create a personalized page on the site and interact with other faculty, and classrooms.