• Play Me Up are two folding cardboard games. In an outdoor space they create an area for the entertainment of kids from 3 to 6 years. The aim is to set the child's imagination free, and to improve his creativity in a colorful place where he can move spontaneously, alone or with his friends.

    In the summer 2010, i had the opportunity to test Play Me Up with children with good results, thanks to the Polytechnic of Milan and its services inside the campus. Play Me Up builds a peaceful and cosmopolitan scenario, in a complex and conflicting city promoting a new social quality, without leaving a heavy imprint on the environment.

    The video describes the functioning of Play Me Up.
    Stop motion video, made with chalks on a black board.
  • Project realized for the final exam of the Bachelor Degree of Industrial Design Polytechinc of Milan september 2010thanks to the collaboration with the company Ghelfi Ondulati