Plastic Surgery Clinic

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  • The project was conceived as a great eye looking towardsthe Collserola Mountains. Consequently, the clinic is positioned on the site insuch a way as to obtain the best views, rather than being strictly aligned withCalle Víctor Hugo.

    Access to the clinic is a prolongation of Calle VíctorHugo, which as it enters the site is transformed into a plaza that on one sideprovides pedestrians with admittance to the building’s central space and, onthe other, vehicles with access to the underground car park beneath thebuilding.

    The main building consists of two three-storey rectangularvolumes linked by a third cylindrical central volume that absorbs people’smovement, both vertical and horizontal, inside the building and generatesdouble and triple heights, thereby endowing the clinic with the spatial qualityand scale appropriate to a building of these characteristics. Annexed to thismain volume, the small box-like spa practically melds into the surroundingterrain.

    The façades of these volumes are conceived as a curtainwall that endows the entire building with transparency. The two horizontalwings, where the activities of the clinic take place, feature different typesof glass that generate areas of greater or lesser transparency, depending onspecific use needs, while the central, public, volume is completelytransparent.

    The center is conceived as a system that organizes servicesubsystems in such a way that public, medical and technical circulations aresegregated in accordance with a hierarchical order, thereby generating clearlydemarcated circuits and avoiding interference.