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Moss Poster
The Brief

Create a poster that would demonstrate how the transience of nature and the use of natural
materials can be applied to create eco friendly design. At the same time inspire
a standard of thinking for the students’ entries.
My Solution

I created a living poster by stencilling a mixture of yoghurt, clay and moss onto an A1 board.
These were incubated in a greenhouse until the moss grew.

The growing posters were sent to various institutions, together with a spray bottle and
instructional-care card. Students were encouraged to grow their own posters further.

The reward of growing and maintaining your own poster appealed to design students’ fresh way
of thinking and kept the Plascon Prism Awards top-of-mind. This increased participation by students and lecturers to a level never achieved in the previous years. The living, growing poster was a demonstration of transient, eco friendly design that would inspire them to create sustainable and environmentally conscious spaces in their future careers.