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  • As an initiative for our clients, Arc Worldwide Malaysia developed specially customised “growing business cards” for their top management, by modifying their existing business cards. Each card contained flower seeds, with each design crafted using elements related to the client’s business. 
  • Hewlett-Packard
    Flowers were fashioned out of colourful pixels and dots to reflect HP’s printing capabilities, as well as their efforts in practising various return and recycling programmes.
  • Nokia
    We transformed phone icons into flowers for this mobile giant, who raises awareness about the importance of recycling mobile devices as part of their environmental work.
  • Sunway Pyramid
    This shopping centre organises conservation and recycling programmes in their eco-friendly mall. Here, objects ranging from food to fashion and entertainment items were used to create the designs.
  • Chevrolet
    Cars and automobile parts were used to create beautiful floral designs, which complement Chevrolet’s efforts in producing vehicles that run on a fuel grown primarily from the good earth to reduce pollutant emissions.
  • ING Insurance
    The floral designs were made up of trees to coincide with ING’s “Plant A Tree” campaign, which educates the young on the importance of nature and how to care for the planet.
  • YTL Land
    Blueprint symbols were utilised for this property client, who has been giving back to the environment through eco-friendly developments and their annual Climate Change Week.