Blowing bubbles up to the size of planets - for Sony UK

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    Blowing bubbles up to the size of planets for Sony UK
  • Sony approached me looking for a way in which to demonstrate the capabilities of its latest camera, the Alpha 350 D-SLR. We at Creative Review commissioned photographer Jason Tozer to create a suite of images around the theme of bubbles, thus tying in with the overall campaign idea for the camera. The result was one of the most creative and cost-effective viral campaigns of the year.
  • Tozer's vast gas-like planets, alien-like amorphous blobs and psychedelic explosions debuted here on CR Blog. Despite their other-worldly appearance and the prevalence for filters and post effects in modern photography, the series was created completely in-camera with the A350. In this way we successfully communicated the key features of the new model whilst generating significant buzz around the camera's upcoming release.

    Later, a second blog post exposed the humble equipment Tozer used to bring his subjects into being: namely, washing up liquid and a coat hanger bent into a hoop.

  • The work received national coverage in The Metro, both in print and online:
  • It was also featured in our own Creative Review magazine.
  • Flickr helped bring the work to the wider photography enthusiast outside of our core audience.
  • Whilst finally an exhibition of Tozer's work - in association with Sony - was displayed at London's theprintspace Gallery.
  • The supporting exhibition material, including invites and identity for the show, were designed by Michael C. Place at Build.