Planet M Concept Store, Tolyatti, Russia

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  • PLANET-M Concept Store, Tolyatti
    multi-brand, high-end fashion concept store in Tolyatti, Russia
  • Planet M ( is a chain of multi-brand, high-end fashion stores with several shopping center shops. This is their first street shop, and their Flagship.

    The client looked for something sophisticated and edgy, but warm, cozy and welcoming.

  • The layout is developed around a gas fireplace, positioned between menswear and women, a sort of lounge area. The fireplace and pillars are grouped in a series of different-shaded grey blocks used for product display, incorporating brushed brass niches.
  • The accessories area next to the entrance is surrounded by two mirror-clad walls with brass niches. One side of this area includes the entrance to the adjacent future shop that will soon be another Planet M store.