• This series, Places Far and Between, represents an engagement of moments that I see day in and day out when commuting from my home in San Antonio, TX to my school and work in San Marcos, TX. I try and play with the nuance of light to entice the viewer into a feeling of uneasiness while focusing on the vernacular and the unremarkable. These scenes become a blank screen from which a story unfolds, forging memory and imagination into something more remarkable.

    The fusion of color mutations, lighting, and voyeurism throughout my series is offset by an anticipation of witnessing something momentous, possibly violent, heartbreaking, and possibly beautiful.

    I like the idea of discovering things commonly found within our world and giving people an opportunity to perceive them differently than they might normally. The reason why all of these images are captured at night is not because I desired to take photos at nighttime, but because seeing these scenes at night was something I experienced everyday for the past 4 years. Commuting back and forth from San Antonio and San Marcos was my life and often it was quite boring. It was not until probably a year ago that I started to view these everyday scenes differently, looking at forms and how these scenes made me feel.