• João Cavalcanti is one of the lead singers in the Brazilian samba band Casuarina. Placebo, his first solo album, purposely sounds completely different from his work with Casuarina.
    Placebo is intimate, intense and ironic. Each song sounds different from the other. But when combined, they strangely come together as if they’re meant to be together. They beautifully coexist in a diversified, and unique, unity.
    The artwork needed to fall the same principles. Not only it had to look different from his band’s albums (which you can see here, here, here and here), but it had to bring unity by its diversification.
    It should also be intimate, intense and ironic. Here, the classic nurse doesn’t ask for silence. Sexy and alternative, she engages with the fan as an accomplice, suggesting: “shhh… it’s placebo… don’t tell anyone”. The booklet artwork intends to translate each song’s different sentiment. When united, that diversification feels as one. Just like different songs from one single album.
    My role: concepting, art direction, design, illustration, retouching
    Clients: João Cavalcanti, Warner Music, Superlativa
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  • Credits
    Cover: Diogo Montes and João Cavalcanti
    Art direction: Diogo Montes
    Design: Diogo Montes
    Illustrations: Diogo Montes
    Photos of João: Ane Hinds
    Cover photo: Diogo Montes
    Cover model: Yoje Ho
    Costume: Amanda Andressa Carvalho
    Retouching: Diogo Montes
    Print coordination: Silvia Panella