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Creative short films and experiment in pixel art.
In these experimental short films directors garth+ginny play with visual conventions and try new techniques.

Animated in photoshop by drawing in a 50x50 pixel grid frame by frame, their aim was to translate character and a sense of fun to this small scale, whilst working with a limited colour palate. The audio is composed using an 8bit plug-in for Apple’s garage band.

The films have been a success both online and at festivals, appearing at the Pictoplasma: characters in motion tour; Berlin, NYC and Buenos aires. The shorts went viral appearing on inspirational creative blog

Pixel Film:'_|
Aardvark. Cactus. Spatial Awareness.

Pixel Film:Oo.
Antelope. Crocodile. Perspective.

Pixel Film:!//
Horse. Aerobics. Blur Frames.

Pixel Film:(?}
Dog. Cat. Visual Communication.
Audio: garth+ginny
Design & Animation: garth+ginny