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2001 Independent Film Financing Conference (IFFCON) propaganda—unflinchingly exploit the decisive moment—whose script gets the green light?
IFFCON 2001 Independent Film Financing Conference propaganda
Copy Writer, Creative Director, Designer
2001 Admark ADDY Silver Certificate of Excellence winner; HOW’s 2001 International Design Competition winner; Print’s 2001 Regional Design Competition winner; The San Francisco Show 15 Silver Award winner; Step’s 100 Design Competition 2001 winner; The Type Directors Club 47th Competition winner
"From more than 2,000 entries, we [the SF Advertising Association] were excited to see Oh Boy sweep the show, taking home five of the seven major awards, including a Silver ADDY for their work with IFFCON. Their work exemplifies the quality of design coming out of this city."
—Michael McNamara, President and CEO, SFAA

415 516 4905
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