• Pinocchio
    The Musical Play
  • This is a Freelancer project i did, with other great portuguese artists, for Nebula Studios. My job, was to create the background scenarios for musical play for children, Staged by one of the most known director of my country, Filipe La Féria.
    This was a great challenge for me because I`m not used to paint cartoonish scenarios.

    Enough said, let me show you the pieces.

    Website for the play (only in Portuguese) http://www.filipelaferia.pt/pinoquio/index.htm
  • The villageThis piece was brought to me halfway done
  • The village - Work in progress
  • The village - Final
  • Way to School
  • Way to school - work in progress 1
  • Way to school - Work in progress 2
  • Way to school - Work in progress 3
  • Way to school - Final
  • Limousine
  • Limousine - Work in progress 1 
    (sketch made by the studio)
  • Limousine - Work in progress 2
  • Limousine - Work in progress 3
  • Limousine - Work in progress 3