• Pingtan China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum 
     10 design
  • competition IO has recentlybeen awarded both the master plan of a 93 hectare waterfront CBD developmentand a new Cross Straits Forum in the island of Pingtan in China.

    Pingtan is planned as a newcommercial hub to drive communication and commercial trade between China andTaiwan. Part of the competition included the design of a new Cross StraitsForum including theatre, convention, exhibition and auxiliary commercial andcultural facilities.

    At the centre of the CBD andForum district has a newly created fresh water lake that conserves fresh waterfrom run off through the urban grain.

    The masterplan cater for some3.3 million sqm of urban development, while the Cross Straits Forum would be inthe first phase of development.

    To reflect the aspiration oftransparency and dialogue the buildings are formed by converging elements thatcombine with the landscape and waterfront to create a fluid and open series ofpublic spaces that meld into the buildings themselves.

    Service traffic, roads andtrams are integrated into a series of terraced landscape levels to minimizeimpact of car traffic on pedestrian circulation routes and to create freeaccess from the central axial park canal through the lake towards thewaterfront through a series of leisure and retail lined canals.

  • Inspired by the natural setting of Pingtan andTaiwan island culture, an island where water embracesthe land and activate the edge. Water and land flows,which the two compliment to each other to sculpta place. It is this close relationship between landand water, which we have explored in this site andinspires us to further develop this affinity to watercharacteristics into the MLP concept. Water is at theheart of this site and should be used fully to activatethe heart of the city, not simply sit on its edges.Rather than a closed city form and attitude,we aim to build the city with open and transparentmanner, which make a place much more accessible andapproachable. By injecting and creating continuouspublic green space and water body, citizen are broughtand encouraged to the cultural lake, a grand scalepublic celebration hub.

    Scale is big enough to feel the openness of thecity, but intimate environment is always maintainedby having cultural and retail facilities in a walkabledistance. We believe that an open and approachablecity framework will be more enjoyable to live in, andends up into a more attractive, impressive and uniquecity. Ideally, this quality will cultivate an attitude for thecity in living, working and business, thus creating moreopportunity.Nature and urban city is difficult to co-exist ina developed situation. It’s a unique chance in Pingtanwe are able to build the city the first place with nature.By introducing the canal network and green boulevardfrom north to south city, nature is fused into the innerland as a focus, destination and green heart withinthe city. It allows the city framework to interact withnature rather than simply be on its edge. The new lakewill acts as both a green lung and cultural heart to thecity. Through respect to the nature and the water, citydwellers will be able to relax their souls along the newwater edge spaces.