Pine Box Rock Shop (signage & mural)

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    ~Brooklyn, NY~
    DELIVERABLES: Custom signage, mural, cocktail photography
    Signage and a mural for a great little dog-friendly bar located in a neighborhood that loves its art: Bushwick, Brooklyn. The bar used to be a casket factory which is where the plug in for the theme and name came from. If you ever find youself wondering around East Williamsburg / Bushwick on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon I highly recommend you try one of their Bloody Marys; they are amazing!
  • Swallow Cafe mural peeking in the background to the right. We run this block!!!
  • Next to the "Never Satisfied" mural is a little action from the super-talented Belgian artist "ROA" (peeking in the background)
  • They have some seriously awesome Bloody Maries as well. I snapped a few shots of them...
  • I always make obvious typo's with my drafts...