Pierre-Kahane Wedding Place Cards

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  • Summer 2010. Printed on Blue Speckled Card Stock
  • These are the table place cards designed for the Pierre-Kahane wedding which occurred on July 17th, 2010. The bride was from Maryland and New York, and the groom from Paris, France and Ardèche, France. These cards were designed to represent places that the bride and groom spent time together. Because one was from America and was one from France, this bride and groom spent many years apart and travelled often, hence the boarding passes. The first design is for Ardèche, which is known for its honey. The second is for Paris, and the hearts are made up of repeated text that reads "je t'aime." The third style is for Maryland, which is known for its crabs. The fourth and final design represents the city of New York. These cards were printed on blue speckled card stock, as the wedding colors were blue and white. 
  • Ardèche Place Card
  • Paris Place Card
  • Maryland Place Card
  • New York City Place Card