• To promote a selection of pie dishes served at a bistro pub

    Design Concept
    A set of typographic posters displayed inside the pub. The designs applied to a range of deliverables. the idea is to use “Pie-Verbs” to portray and promote pies in a humorous and ‘fun’ way.

    The range are store promotional materials. These are a small recipe booklet, menu, place mats and beer mats. A set of typographic postcards will also be sold as gifts.

    Foldout Booklet
    A3 foldout booklets with pie recipes are given to customers when eating at the restaurant. Each poster/ booklet contains different types of pies for customers to collect.

    Postcard sets
    Set of postcards with all the different “pie-verbs” on with a pie recipe on the back. These will be sold at the restaurant.