Costume and Fashion Design Work

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  • Black & White: The Dawn of Justice
    Character Costume Design 
    Director: Tsai Yueh-Hsun
    Production Company: China Film Co.
  • Wu Ying-Xiong, a young police officer of Harbor City. The main protagonist of the film.
  • Xi-en Lan, the leader of the Nightwalkers. An antagonist group in the film.
  • Right hand to the leader of the Nightwalkers.
  • Nightwalker member.
  • Nightwalker member.

  • Nightwalker member.

  • Nightwalker member.
  • Uniform ideas for the military police.
  • The first released theatrical trailer for the film.
    Company: Asher Levine
  • wearing a finalized jacket on a shoot for BBC's The Voice UK.
  • wearing a finalized jacket and pants suit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • This jacket was a custom design project for done at Asher Levine. My role in the project was creating concept sketches such as the one shown above to help develop the project in its preproduction stage.
  • Tentacle Jacket fashion illustration for Jim Steinman done while at Asher Levine.
    Men's Accesory Design
    Company: Asher Levine
  • This is a men's bag that I created for Asher Levine, going back and forth between sketching and building by hand.
    The hand drawings I did for it are shown below.
  • Technical drawing done in graphite.
  • This is another men's bag with a removable strap that I help to create for Asher Levine, going back and forth between sketching and building by hand. One of the hand drawings I did for it is shown below.
    VICE Magazine Dog Show
    Comapny: Asher Levine & VICE Magazine
  • Asher Levine's team had a commision to create a set of dog costumes for an event put on by Vice Magazine.
    I created many concepts for the canine costumes, and in their completion this one was selected to feature on the cover of that months issue of Vice Magazine. The original concept drawing is shown below.
    Fabric Textile Design
    Company: Asher Levine
  • I fully illustrated this original fabric textile in graphite,
    and arranged the repeat using photoshop to ready the image for printing.
    The textile was used in Asher Levine's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.
    Storyboard Booklet
    Company: Asher Levine
  • When Asher Levine was ready to feature his Spring/Summer 2013 Collection on the runway he chose to hand out pamphlets at his show that were above the norm, so we created a fictional origin tale for his garments.
    I then illustrated a booklet of storyboards and mock lab diagrams to help tell the story visually.