Photoshop Creations

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  • This is a collection of my Photoshop illustrations & creations, some of which have been created for clients, used on packaging and in presentations to sell products to the trade/retailers. Some are purely for fun.
  • The above and following six photoshop creations where created as a little light-hearted, cranberry fun for the Ocean Spray International Summit, held at Springetts Brand Design Conultants.
  • Concept for an Event Stand for Noble Foods (at the time - Dean Foods) and their Goldenlay Omega 3 egg brand which was relaunchd by myself and Springetts Brand Design consultants.
  • Photoshop reproduction of an Owl ellectronics point of sale stand.
  • Created from skratch using photoshop, this scarecrow was used on the back of pack of Weetabix Chocolate 2012.