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  • This is my poetry of life and roads why choose, find and decide to follow.
    InĀ  the same time this is my journal .. THIS IS ME. I love photography and I love to make it better every day and for this I really need some outside opinions.

    I made a selection of images from my early days as a photographer up to this days. So I put the year that I made the pictures so you can see some transformation or not of my work. I am really interested to find out from you all if it is even a small change in my works. So please if you have time do comment on my jurnal of works from 2005 up till 2009.
  • The road to a small infinity ......................... 2009
  • The road to silent love of life. 2008
  • On the road to eternity. TheĀ First World War Heroes Romanian Mausoleum Mararesti 2008
  • ON the ROAD in colors.
  • On the road of poverty and despair. 2007
  • You should lead the way. I lost my way back home Do you know the road? 2005
  • On the road of HOPE 2005
  • The light is always there :) 2004
  • Don't loose your hope 2006
  • Sometimes you just need to stay and wait 2007