Living in the countryside

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  • Living in countryside 
    Various images from Lithuanian (eco)villages
  • In the last few years I had the opportunity to see quite many different ways of living out of the city- from traditional countryside farms to eco-villages created by mainly young people and I was really impressed how variously but always simply and happily do all these people live. It seems that casual everyday problems so dominant in the cities simply do not exist here- people live in affordable and easy to make small-scale natural buildings, are more or less self-sustainable, celebrate bio-diversity and in general love and nourish their land. Having in mind current ecological and health situation in our world I find such way of living to be a natural and really impact-making solution.

  • "Viskoko sodybėlė"

  • Beekeeper Cibas home

  • My friend's granparents' farm
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