Photo Day Live: Brighton

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  • On 17th February 2013, we took to the streets of Brighton with a red vintage suitcase as part of the very first #PhotoDay project.
    #PhotoDay is about creating a connected body of work, linking local people, their environment, and the rest of the online world. This is a sort of stylised street photography / environmental portrait. The prop (red suitcase) was 'imposed' on the people we met, this not only allows to juxtapose the elements to creates something that is quirky, but create a link between all the photos.
    We shot two sets on the day:
    1. Instant set -  images were shot with a DLSR onto an 'Eye-Fi' card (wifi SD card) and were instantly processed on the go using the Afteglow iPhone app and uploaded to my blog Anton's Dairy. Plus all images appeard on my Instagram stream live on the day of shooting. You can search #PhotoDayBrighton to see all the photos together. All Photography by Anton-
    2. Creative set - A second set was shot by Wayne Kahn adding artificial lighting and post processing a few days later using Visual Supply Co to give a more finished look. The result is a much more dramatic and darker. All photography by Wayne Kahn -
    If you want to know more how we made it happen, email us. You can find our contact details on our websites.
  • Set 1 - Shot by Anton
  • Set 2 - Shot by Wayne Kahn
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