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Phoenix Design Week Game Poster
Phoenix Design Week Poster
"Forward" – Game of Creative Advancement
The organizers of Phoenix Design Week put out a call for poster submissions which were to depict the idea of moving, thinking and designing "Forward". This was my submission - a playable game poster with some straightforward tips on succeeding as a creative pro.
The game poster I created didn't win the poster contest, but it was created for a larger purpose. As a presenter at this event, I printed a short run of these guys and handed them out after my presenation. They went like hot cakes and a few of us even played a couple rounds on the board between sessions.
I'm always looking to work on projects which bring people together for fun experiences. Games do a good job of that.
FORWARD - GAME OF CREATIVE ADVANCEMENT. Find some friends and a basic die. Find or make a cool game piece. Oldest player goes first. Take turns in a clockwise direction. Landing on the same tile as another player is ok. Avoid creative blocks. Help your friends. Make some snacks. Don't spill the coffee. Remember, it's a game. It's all about the journey. Don't give up. Those who finish win. Keep going until you find your version
Everyone who received a copy of the poster received some painted wooden game pieces too. 
A brief process shot. I plotted out all of the tiles in illustrator, printed a tiled version of the poster at 24x36 and went to town figuring out the path players would follow and the tips I would write in.