Philips LED Branding
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A new look and set of branding for the Philips L-Prize light bulb.
With an established brand or product as a base, develop a set of brand standards, imagery, and a voice with the purpose of focusing the brand's target market. Enhance or completely redo existing efforts and work to expand and enhance the bounds of the brand through a fresh or more appealing approach.
The project below is based on the Philips L-Prize winning LED light bulb. This bulb, which won the government hosted L-Prize competition is to become the national standard for LED light bulbs in the coming future. Despite this, the branding efforts surround it are sterile and uninformative. The project below proposes fresh visuals and brand tones which would help the product achieve it's spot as the number one LED light bulb.
This project was done completely in collaboration with Adam Koon.