Philips CitiScape SHE9050 JETTS

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  • The CitiScape SHE9050 JETTS  in-ear headphone focuses around comfort, sound quality and fashionable elements. The most distinctive element of the product is its printed pattern on the cable. It blurs even more the boundary between wearable electronics and fashion.
    Rather then being wearable device the headphone itself becomes even more an fashionable accessory...

    The design is inspired by street fashion,sneakers and shoe laces.
    The intuitive shape of the strain relief gives a natural wear&fit comfort. Besides the obvious description of LEFT&RIGHT the size of the words transforms them into a fashionable and characteristic detail to play and amplify the lifestyle elements of Philips CitiScape. 
    The pattern on the real metal end cap is inspired by a shoe profile and has the tuning hole centred. Dual durometer silicone for the ear caps provide superior comfort and fit. The L-shape of the plug helps to keep a low profile on the device.