Phantom Chair

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    Phantom Chair is my degree project.
    It takes inspiration from the fear of the dark: an emotion that, once the light is off, lets us enter a parallel world lived by shadows.
    Who ever experienced the fear of the dark knows that every small noise and shadow appears to us like something unknown and alive.

    After a deep and serious research about smart materials and what already exists that reacts, lives or appears thanks to light and darkness, (such as works by Ingo Maurer, Cocksedge, Vasarely, Alviani, but also studying behaviours of human’s eye and skin that could be artificially simulated using Smart Materials) I came up with the idea of giving life and ambitions to objects.
    At this point, I thought would have been interesting to give life to a chair, or better, to give every cheap chair the possibility to have a second life once dark: as well as happened to Cinderella.
    The highest ambition of any common plastic chair is becoming a famous Panton chair, and Phantom Chair will make it possible.
    Phantom Chair is a transparent silicon-rubber veil, that in the darkness makes possible the dream of any common and cheap chair drawing on it the silhouette of the Panton using Elettroluminescent Wires.


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