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Phant Concept for Windows 7
Phant Windows 7 Concept
new interface concept for windows 7
I got tired of the old windows 7 look so I decided to redesign it. My goal was to make it very easy to use and give it a techy look. It's very functional as you can see on the first preview, you don't need a start button or menu when you have a restyled RunMe (cool little app you should check it out). I also skinned Winamp, the player on the right-hand side. On the bottom you can see the new Phant dock it's a cross between the windows 7 taskbar and vaio gate. and on the top of the dock you can see all sorts of information about your computer and the volume control... isn't that awesome to have your volume right there and not go trough a 1000 menus just to turn your volume down.

Icons by: this dude
Winamp icon by: this dude
Wallpaper by: sony

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