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Video used in the 208 app
Peugeot 208 - video production
The brief was to create an app to showcase the new Peugeot 208 and to expand on the campaign concept 'Let Your Body Drive'. The main sections on the app can be accessed by dragging the dancers to the main points on the nav bar, which are linked to the different key positions/poses of the dancers.

Download it here:
Peugeot 208 iPhone app:

We worked with a production company (Gas & Electric) to produce the video for the app. 
A few of the storyboards created for the main navigation
We had two of our developers, Andy (CTO) & Jack (IOS developer), at the shoot to test and check that technically what we were doing was right.  
Apparently facial hair is against the Peugeot brand guidelines!  The poor dancer/actor had to shave for the shoot...
The car in the background had to be removed in post production, which was a bit of a nightmare!
Oh I want these shoes!!!