Petshopbox Studio mascot: Puss In Box

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  • Puss In Box
    Petshopbox Studio's mascot
  • Puss In Box website was launched in 2011. We also created "Puss In Box End Year Giveaway" on our Facebook page.
  • All Giveaway participant receive "Puss In Box 2012 Calendar and walpapers". We created illustration of Puss In Box in box office movie theme.
  • The winner of "Puss In Box End Year Giveaway" received this special christmas and new year greeting card. The christmas card design is Puss In Box celebrating christmas with catnip and a christmas tree full of mice. It was the winner answer for giveaway questions: what do you think Puss In Box will do to celebrate christmas.
  • Puss In Box Google Chrome Theme, January 2012
  • Puss In Box Valentine Edition, February 2012
  • Puss In box Geek edition, March 2012.
    We share this special edition wallpaper for free to everyone who visited our booth in GeekFest Indonesia 2012.