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Re-branding an existing business.

The brief was to approach a company and ask if we could re-brand them and to give them a complete overhaul.

I chose a pet related company as I'm a dog lover and have always had animals in my life. The company mainly deals with dog grooming and has a wide range of dog accessories and merchandise that you'd buy for you pet. The business brand lacked in legibility and understanding of what it sold and therefore being misinterpreted as a place that sold 'pets'. The brand needed to push what the business does and what its main source of income is, the dog grooming and also that it’s a friendly, fun and safe place to take your dog to have its haircut.

With this in mind I started to design ideas and finally came up with the brand having an icon, something that with all the type taken away would still be recognisable to its customers. The final logo is fun and friendly, I decided to have the colour palette cream, brown and orange as it gives the brand a sense of the outdoors, that sells the experience of having a dog and taking it on walks and just the general muckyness that dogs seem to get themselves in.

The typeface is Helvetica but I’ve adjusted it to have serifs, which represent dog’s ears. The elongated ‘P’ and ‘R’ at either end of the logo create dog’s legs that house the ‘grooming & accessories’ neatly. Also the ‘C’ is cut at a right angle to represent the corner that’s in the brands name.

Thebrand icon is a ‘P’ that forms the shape of a dog with the serif forming the ear and a corner that is cut to form the dog’s nose. The outer shape looks likea dogs collar tag and I’ve designed it so it can be used as a pinpoint on Google Maps to represent where the company is located.

The before and after re-brand of Pets Corner.
 Sketchbook of ideas for Pets Corner.

 Business card, loyalty card, corporate manual, letterhead and compliment slip.
 Stationery - loyalty card, business card, letterhead, compliment slip and corporate manual. 
Loyalty card - Back.
Loyalty card - Front.
Corporate Manual - Page 1.
Corporate Manual - Page 2.
The Application.

With the brand logo friendly and fun I wanted to carry this theme through into the application to packaging. 

The Doggy Bag idea came from how children pick their favourite sweets from the 'pic and mix' sweet stalls, so I thought how can I adjust this to suit dogs. So the Doggy Bag is a treat bag where owners would pick their dogs some treats for behaving at the groomers. This idea is to show how far the brand can go and how it can develop into something more than just a logo.
Doggy Bag.
Doggy Bag.
Doggy Bag.

The shampoo packaging has this fun, quirky interactive flap that allows you to see the product and simple clear vector instructions inside. The shampoo is an umbrella brand called 'Grrooming Marvellous'. This is something the company can look into creating as it begins to grow. The design follows what the main brand represents and its slightly more feminine in design as the dog lover audience ranges in age and sex so the colours still hold an outdoorsy masculine feel while it is softened by the vector design.
Packaging - sold separately or in a box.
The complete stationery and packaging for Pets Corner.
Visual mock-up of smartphone app and ipad application.