• Peter Andras is an artist and personal friend based in Beius, Romania. He was my mentor for a while and taught me the basics of art and drawing. While creating a visual identity system for his work, I aimed to make the final work unconventional and a reflection of art itself.
    People like to create conflict between art and design but my attempt was to merge concepts from both just as a painter mixes his colors. That's how the graphic symbol was born. The color palette is inspired by swatches taken from a sunset sky. I then imagined how I would mix these colors in a fluid-like motion and created a spacial representation of that event.
    The final graphic is rendered in 3D software and can be multiplied and manipulated from various angles to create several grafical motifs. These elements were later used in the stationery I designed for him. 
    His online profile is soon to be launched—be.net/petruandras
  • Primary graphic symbol
  • Exhibition poster (A2 format)
  • Alternate graphics
  • Alternate exhibition poster (A2 format)
  • Placeholder graphic
  • Work catalog (A4 book)
  • Business cards (5x9cm)
  • Letterhead (A4 format)
  • Invitation (18x15 cm)
  • Color palette (A2 poster)
  • Graphics creation process (A2 poster)