• Behance Portfolio Review Week
    by Designcollector Network and Deasign Russia
  • Between May 14th-21st, Behance Portfolio Reviews happened in cities and towns around the world. This was Saint-Petersburg chance to take part in the Behance Community offline, and to be part of a collective experience of sharing and receiving feedback.
  • Saint-Petersburg Organisation:
  • Venue:
    Saint-Petersburg based branch of Sweden digital Agency "Deasign" was kind enough to host the event in their nice and cosy office in the center of the city.
    Visit them on Deasign.ru
  • Meetup & Portfolio Reviews
    Behance reviews meeting gathered more than 30 creative persons and high profiles. Following the plan we reviewed 5 portfolios presented by participants:
    In friendly atmosphere guys shared their selected projects and received tons of questions and good advices.
  • Tanya Perminova spoke about her selected illustrations
  • Fill Ryabchikov and his colourful retro-futuristic digital art
  • Audience
  • Anna Neklesa spoke about her lounge table "Giselle" inspired by Russian Ballet
  • Stas Stankovsky revealed his surrealĀ  photography projects
  • Asya Aleksandrova and her naughty illustrations
  • Fun voting for the best presenter by the audience. Everyone got the real "Appreciations". A moment of designers competitiveness.
  • Behance Russia Play Off
    After official series of Portfolio Reviews we brought up a little surprise and envolved the audience to participate in Behance Russia Play Off. Behance Ambassador picked up the best project from 15 visitors portfolio and asked authors to say a few words
    about them.
  • Veronica Azaryan
  • Dmitry Miroliubov
  • Evgeny Kiselev
  • Evgeny shows his extras
  • Ksenia Peregoedova
  • Natasha Oi
  • Nikolay Bastrakov
  • Anya Sokolova
  • Sveta Tokarenko
  • Alice Florizelle
  • Elena Bushueva
  • Fil Dunsky
  • Mingling and chatting
  • The most visited Behancer - Alex Andreev and girls
  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Behance Ambassador and Designcollector founder - Arseny Vesnin
  • Master-class section
    After having much fun with Behance Russia Play Off we softly switched to personal presentations brought by Alexey Andreev, Andrey Belikov and Yulia Bakhtiozina
  • Alex Andreev and his art
  • Venue organiser Andrey Belikov spoke about Deasign Russia projects and case studies
  • Mysterious Yulia Bakhtiozina shared her thought on how to work and satisfy clients
  • Many thanks goes to Deasign Russia for awesome organisation, venue, drinks and sweet pieces
  • Ilya from Deasign Russia presents the agency
  • All photos are courtesy of Andrey Belikov
  • Now please Appreciate the project!
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