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Peru, Thanksgiving 2004
Thanksgiving 2004
In November 2004, Josh had been in Peru for several months working part-time as a translator, and wondered—would I come spend Thanksgiving with him? When I found a round trip ticket from LAX to Lima for $450, it was settled.

There is no way to properly relate the experience—the liveliness and generosity of the people; the piles of 1000-year-old human bones strewn across a hilltop above a small town; dancing at a street festival in the middle of the night; being locked in a taxi in an attempted kidnapping; the wonder of Machu Picchu. I went not as a tourist, but for as a poor traveler, and as such, I'm sure I missed many of the must-sees—but I wouldn't trade a single one of the cold showers in random houses or crowded 'combis' for proper hotels or rented cars.

Thanks, Peru.

Note: this handful of dubious-quality photos were taken haphazardly with a FujiFilm 2.0 Mega Pixel point-and-shoot, without any real intention or skill
. I guess I probably missed all the best shots. I'm glad.