Personal work: "The Beautiful People"

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  • As an homage to some of my favorite artists, I decided to create artwork that personified their iconic status. 
    I wanted to show Freddy Mercury's lively persona and unrivalled vocal compositions by using psychadelic colors and a layering of images, whereas David Bowie's chameleon-like nature was addressed by fragmenting his image into the many characters he has played during the years.
    Both forward-thinking artists Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali were reimagined in our current times. 
    Warhol channels the three wise monkeys and adds a fourth fourth virtual dimension to his 15 minutes of Facebook fame, whereas Dali gives Bunuel a run for his money by using is iPhone to recreate his iconic surrealist movie.
    Cicketer-turned politician Imran Khan is also portrayed in his legendary Lahore Rally at Badshahi Mosque. 

    As featured on Lost at E Minor here.
    And Bowie featured here on Comics Alliance here.