Personal Website (2012)

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  • After bouncing around many variations of my personal website in 2011, I decided that for 2012 I would spend the time to properly develop a concept that matched with what I wanted to do design-wise. Many times I caught myself changing my mind mid-way through a project with a different way to do it. 
    I stuck with a darker magenta that I've used as the main color of my personal logo and web presence for the last couple years. 
    A lot of the design of Target, Ford Trucks, and I've noticed now Weight Watchers with the large Helvetica font being used in their advertisement went in a bit in the inspiration of some of the elements. Taking some of those cues and having incorporated them over the last couple years.
    I ended up designing the mockup in Illustrator, importing it into Photoshop and chopping it up into the elements I needed, creating templates for the buttons and the headers in Photoshop as well, before tying it all together in Dreamweaver. The social networking icons were also created by myself in Illustrator.