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Some recent experiments, personal work and unfinished sketches. Thanks for viewing!
Experiments & Abstracts

Various personal and unfinished Works June/July 2010

Due to a lack of commisions I am playing around a lot lately and altough most projects remain unfinished on my hard drive, I think sharing some of my experiments and process of work might actually be a good idea.

Baetulona / Portrait a+b (final)

 The 100 most important moments in history of Badalona city (Barcelona) immortalized in an impressive time line building of 100 meters long and 1,5 high.
With support from the City Council of Badalona, and by the declaration of the city as capital of Catalan culture, an idea was born, now a specific project. To develop a monumental work that enshrines, immortalize and show the world 100 most important historical moments of the Badalona city.
The 100 moments were collected by recognized historians of the city and each milestone will be transformed into artistic images from different design studios. The 100 studios were selected because of their talent, creativity and professionalism, as they are the most recognized in the international community.
I had the big chance to work along side other studios, whose works I really adore. My Moment in the catalan history was Nr. 46: Pompeu Farbra, who was repsonsible for bringing the first dictionary for the catalan language out into the world.

What came out in the end was actually my first real portrait work, inspired by an old spanish memorial coin.
Baetulona / Type a+b
Slipping Away / unfinished
I agree very deeply with Kandinski: Elements and Colors within certain proportions create certain melodies.

Every little dot, every pattern is important. The thickness of an outline is just as relevant to the musical composition, as the background color or the transparency level of certain elements. Everything has a sound. Some organic, some technical. My abstract work for me, is as close to music as it gets and it is what I really enjoy doing. Composing. Arranging, listening, watching, rearranging, and listening again. Devoloping a piece of visual music. Be it classical, minimal, folk, experimental noise, or maybe even an extensive opera.

I enjoy all kinds of sounds, melodies and rhytms, from Chopin to Four Tet, from Mike Oldfield to Bugge Wesseltoft and I like all the different emotions, that come with it. But what I mostly enjoy, is the kind, that has room for silence, room for contrast and the power to change one's mood by creating new and previously unknown feelings for the listener. For those that are a little bit into keylontic science, it is nothing new, that everything we see, everything we feel, everything there is, is made from light and soundwaves. Bringing the 2 together for me, while I work is simply the greatest joy. A synesthetic experience I hope, I am able to share.

Untiltled Abstract
Super Luminal Modules + Warp Engine
Boards of Canada - Everything you do is a balloon e.p.
Evolve & Dissolve / unfinished
Don't look into the abyss
Nike Force Wallpaper (not commissioned)
The Nike logo of course belongs to Nike.
Narcissists and neurotics, you are...
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