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Some of my personal projects.
Personal Projects
These are some of the personal projects I've done through the years. Some of the artwork dates back to my college years.
 I brewed seven varieties of beer to be served at my wedding. I made a fun label for each.

This is a beer label I designed for a beer I brewed for my yoga instructor's AIDS Lifecycle fundraiser party.

 I designed this blog header for my cousin.

 Save-the-Date card.

 I designed this to be letterpress printed. My friend owns a platen press and we both printed them. The final yellow was much lighter than that on the file. I wanted a subtle yellow with the embossing popping through.

 Tee shirt design I made for a friend.

 "Fonts". Acrylic on canvas.

 Nude drawings.

 Guitar pin I made in jewelry class.

 A joke business card I made for a friend who works for a Russian-owned company.