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  • Below are a selection of some of the works I am most proud of. Though some of these may be a little out dated, I still find that a lot of these images are well done. Most of these images relate to music, Type 41 is myself, I produce trance music under that alias. Other designs include an online radio I wanted to start a few years back.

    I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did designing them!

    Please contact me if your interested in my work!
  • Simple banner advertisement for my podcast aptly named "Typekast"
  • Twitter image created for my artist Twitter page
  • This was a demo design I worked on for fun to see how creative I could get with flier designs.
  • This was an Online Radio concept design I had created for High Frequency Radio, an online based dance radio that I had planned on running. Sadly there just wasnt enough time for me to devote to this project.