2012 Personal Logo Development

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  • 2012 Personal Logo Development
    Sarah's Studio
  • Brief: I was briefly inspired by my recent designs that are based off 8 bit video games (PACMAN & SPACE INVADERS), music, old T-V shows, & cartoons. Everything I was interest in the 90s & 80s. Most of my 8 bit designs are in Threadless & Designbyhumans.

    It took a year to figure out how to described me & graphic design skills & knowledge. My skills include designing brands, web design, publication & logos on Adobe Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Indesign & Photoshop.
    I also see myself as a bright and vibrant person, who loves colours. Which inspired me to place a hippie style rainbow design on my logo.

    This design also shows brightness in it’s tones & tints. That express my use of colour in my designs. My prime source. Working on bright & vibrant designs.

    My pantone colour include:
    Pantone Black C
    Pantone Rhodamine Red C
    Pantone 7541 C
    Pantone Yellow C
    Pantone Hexachrome Cyan C
    Pantone Purple C

    Helvetica Neue